Blood Reserve


Blood Indian Reserve No. 148 is a Blackfoot Reserve located in Alberta, Canada. It is the largest Indian Reserve in Canada, and the second most populous.

Blood Reserve

The Blood Reserve is inhabited by the Kainai First Nations and was established under the provisions of Treaty 7. This reserve is located in Stand Off, Alberta, along Highway 2 and the Belly River.

At 1,413.87 km2 (545.90 sq mi), this is the largest reserve in Canada, and the second most populous. It is located between the City of Lethbridge and the Town of Cardston, bordering the Municipal District of Willow Creek No. 26 to the northwest, the Lethbridge County to the northeast and Cardston County to the east, south and southwest.

The Kainai First Nations (also known as the Bloods) is one of four tribes in the Blackfoot Confederacy. Two others are also located in Alberta, and the fourth is located in Browning, Montana, USA.

The Blackfoot tribe on the US side of the border is known as the Blackfeet Tribe, due to a spelling error in the documents that created their reservation.

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