Canim Lake Band


The People of the Canim Lake Band are members of the Shuswap Nation. The Shuswap Nation is part of the Interior Salish People. The Salish People cover the area from the Coast (Coastal Salish) from Northern BC to Washington State to the Cariboo Region. The Tsq’escenemc are part of the lakes people of the Northern Shuswap.

Tribal Name: Canim Lake Band

Phone: 250-397-2002
Fax: 250-397-2769

Communities: The main village and administration buildings of the Band is situated in the South Cariboo area, approximately 30 kilometres east of 100 Mile House on the Canim Hendrix Road. The Shuswap Nation Tribal Council is headquartered in Kamloops, British Columbia.

The Shuswap Nation Tribal Council (SNTC) was formed in 1980 by the Secwepemc chiefs to advance the issues of aboriginal rights. It’s a political organization, working on matters of common concern, including the development of self-government and the settlement of the aboriginal land title question.

Province: British Columbia

Population: Approximately 562.

Traditional Name: Tsq’escenemc, meaning “The People of Broken Rock”

Alternate Names: Shuswap Nation, Interior Salish

Aboriginal Status: Non-Status Indians

Tribal Affiliation: Salish -> Interior Salish (Shuswap Nation)->Secwepemc
There are 17 bands that form the greater Secwepemc Nation.

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Government: The Band’s main subdivisions and public buildings are located on Reserve #1. The Canim Lake Band is unique within the local native community where they have developed their own laws governing the election of band council. Currently the Council consists of 5 members.

Reserve(s): 6 Reserves
Reserve No.  08244    Name:  Canim Lake 1
Location:  30 kilometers east of 100 Mile House on the Canim Hendrix Road.
Size:  4400 Acres

Reserve No. 08245    Name: Canim Lake 2
Lillooet District, on Bridge Creek in Lot 2953, 3 miles northwest of Buffalo Lake,  16 kilometers east of 100 Mile House on Canim Hendrix Road
 Size: 160 Acres

Reserve No. 08246    Name: Canim Lake 3
Location:  Lillooet District, the S.E. 1/4 of the N.E. 1/4 of Lot 428, 1 mile west of Upper Lake, 5 Miles west of Forest Grove, west of Canim Lake, North of IR#2 on Archie Meadow Road
Size: 40 Acres

Reserve No. 08247    Name: Canim Lake 4
Location:  Lillooet District, Lot 5399, on South Shore at East end of Lac La Hache
40 Acres

Reserve No. 08248    Name: Canim Lake 5
Location: Lillooet District, Lot 4995, on shore at Northeast end of Canim Lake
148 Acres

Reserve No. 08249     Name: Canim Lake 6
Location: Lillooet District, Lot 7563, between Christopher Lake and the Northeast end of Canim Lake N.W. of I.R. No 5.
Size:  40 Acres





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Geographical Location: Cariboo District of the Central Interior

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Language: Salishan – Secwepemcstin or Shuswap language


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Treaties: The four communities of the Northern Secwepemc te Qelmucw (NStQ) have chosen to negotiate together for a Treaty settlement.

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