First Nation Organizations

First Nation Organizations work to solve the many problems facing First Nation people today, but usually aren't specific to just one First Nation. They may have membership representing many distinct First Nations, who have a common goal.

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Assembly of First Nations

The Assembly of First Nations presents the views of various First Nations through their leaders in areas such as Aboriginal and treaty rights, environment, economic development, housing, health, social services, land claims, and other issues of common concern.

Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation (SIEF)

The Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation Inc. (SIEF) was established in 1986, and it amalgamated with the Saskatchewan Indian Loan Company (SILCO) in 2002. 

During the amalgamation, SIEF acquired investment portfolios from SILCO and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN). 

These investments provide additional income to support SIEF’s operations and are also reinvested in SIEF’s loan portfolio, all for the benefit of First Nations people of Saskatchewan.