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A century of conflict ended with Haida First Nation

VICTORIA – A series of B.C. government land management deals with aboriginal people was announced just before Christmas, and quickly lost in the snow flurries and shopping mall traffic jams.

Battle heats up over native tobacco trade

$6 contraband cigarettes

It is a commercial strip unique in Canada. On a short stretch of highway crossing this Mohawk reserve, one smoke shack after another beckons with signs advertising the low price of $6 for a plastic baggie holding 200 cigarettes.

Some shops opt for such native-inspired names as Wigwam and Bear’s Claw; Another Dam Cigarette Store pokes fun at the proliferation of the businesses. Even the computer store offers a daily special on cigarettes.

Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement

“Today is a remarkable day for residential school survivors, for First Nations, and indeed, for all Canadians,” stated National Chief Fontaine. “This settlement agreement is not only about compensation, but also about healing and reconciliation between First Nations and Canada.” At last, justice will be served for those who have suffered a long and often painful journey through the residential schools experience.”

Mowachaht-Muchalaht band oppose capture of orca whale
New legislation a step forward for native land claims
Participants to live traditional Blackfoot way on reality series
RCMP kept secret ‘Red Power’ file on dissident natives
Sarah James leads Alaska’s Caribou People in defense of their way of life
Stolen totem pole returned after 80 years
Treaty process in jeopardy after vote