Is a Free Education Provided to Status Indians?


Question: Is a Free Education Provided to Status Indians?
Answer: Elementary and secondary educational services are available to Registered Indian children living on reserves through three education systems:

•First Nation-operated schools on reserves
•provincially-administered schools off reserves
•federal schools operated by DIAND on reserves

DIAND provides financial assistance, through administering authorities such as First Nation councils, to eligible Registered Indian students enrolled in, or accepted to, eligible post-secondary education programs. DIAND also funds some programs designed for First Nation students at First Nation and post-secondary institutions.

Educational services for Registered Indians in the Yukon and Registered Indians and Inuit in the Northwest Territories are provided by the respective territorial governments. Registered Indians and Inuit in northern Quebec receive educational services from the province of Quebec under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement.

Details are available at your First Nation council office or from the Regional Director of Education, DIAND.