Notable Tsimshian people


Profiles of notable Tsimshian people, anthropologists and other scholars who have worked with the Tsimshian, and missionaries who worked among the Tsimshian.

Notable Tsimshian people

  • Frederick Alexcee, artist
  • William Beynon, Gitlaan and ethnographer
  • David A. Boxley, Laxsgiik, carver and culture bearer. First to host a potlatch and raise a totem pole in modern times in Metlakatla, Alaska
  • Marcia Crosby, art historian
  • Alfred Dudoward, hereditary chief of the Gitando, and leader of the Port Simpson Methodist Movement. co-founder of the Native Brotherhood
  • Benjamin Haldane, pioneering photographer from Metlakatla village
  • Audrey Hudson, elected as first Tribal Chairwoman of Metlakatla Indian Community, the Annette Islands Reserve, Alaska[12]
  • William Jeffrey, Gitwilgyoats, hereditary chief, activist, carver
  • Paul Legaic, hereditary chief of the Gispaxlo’ots and trader.
  • Odille Morison, translator and art collector
  • Rev. William Henry Pierce, missionary and memoirist
  • Peter Simpson, Native American rights activist
  • Henry W. Tate, Gispakloats, oral historian, tribal headman
  • Roy Henry Vickers, artist
  • Arthur Wellington Clah, from the house of Tamks of the Gispaxlo’ots. Translator at Fort Simpson, the first to teach Father Duncan the Sm`algyax language, diarist
  • Walter Wright; hereditary chief of the Gits’ilaasü (Kitselas) and oral historian

Anthropologists and other scholars who have worked with the Tsimshian

  • Marius Barbeau
  • William Beynon
  • Franz Boas
  • Caroline F. Butler
  • Philip Drucker
  • Wilson Duff
  • Viola Garfield
  • René Girard
  • Marjorie Halpin
  • Charles Menzies
  • George Frederick MacDonald
  • Jay Miller

Missionaries who worked among the Tsimshian

  • William Henry Collison
  • Thomas Crosby, Methodist
  • William Duncan Anglican/independent
  • Edward Marsden, Presbyterian
  • Bishop William Ridley Anglican
  • Robert Tomlinson, Anglican