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Quick Facts

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  • First Nations used a tool called the “atlatl”, a specially fashioned piece of wood used to obtain more force when throwing a spear. The atlatl was the first known device made by humans to operate and improve the performance of another tool.
Columbus didn’t discover “America”

Columbus made four voyages to the new world, the first time in 1492, which took him to the Caribbean Islands; a second took him to Cuba; a third to the northeast coast of South America and a fourth took him to Central America. He never did set foot on the land that he is given credit for discovering.

First Nation agricultural practices

Before Europeans arrived 500 years ago, approximately 60% of First Nations were involved in farming as a way of life. Foods introduced by First Nations people now make up a significant part of the world’s food production. Approximately 50% of the value in today’s world food production comes from original North American plants. Near the top of the list are corn and potatoes, the second and third most popular foods in the world.

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