Toosey First Nation


The Toosey First Nation (or Tl’esqox First Nation) is a Tsilhqot’in First Nations government located in the Fraser Canyon region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. The Toosey First Nation reserve community and offices are located at Riske Creek, which is on the Fraser River just southwest of the city of Williams Lake.

Tribal Name: Toosey First Nation

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Band No.
Traditional Name: Tl’esqox 
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Province: British Columbia
Geographic Region:
Aboriginal Status:
Tribal Affiliation: Tsilhqot’in (Chilcotin)

Governance: Tsilhqot’in Tribal Council
Political Organizations: Carrier-Chilcotin Tribal Council

Reserves :

Indian Reserves under the administration of the Toosey First Nation are:

  • Baptiste Meadow Indian Reserve No 2, on Riske Creek, 3 miles NW of the Riske Creek PO, 226.60 ha.
  • Toosey Indian Reserve No. 1, on Riske Creek, 4 miles west of its mouth on the Fraser River. 2339.10 ha.
  • Toosey Indian Reserve No. 1A, west of and adjoining IR No. 1, 11.80 ha.
  • Toosey Indian Reserve No. 3, 3 miles east of the mouth of Riske Creek, 5.0 ha


Language: Chilcotin language

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