Ulkatcho First Nation


The Ulkatcho First Nation is a Dakelh First Nations government in the Canadian province of British Columbia.  Its people are of the Ulkatchot’en ethnic group, a subgroup of the Carrier (Dakelh). Ulkatcho people have intermarried heavily with both Nuxalk and Chilcotin people and share territory in the Coast Range with the Nuxalk.



Tribal Name: Ulkatcho First Nation

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Traditional Name: Ulkatchot’en. The name Ulkatcho is an anglicisation of Ulhk’acho, the name of one village, now disused, on Gatcho Lake. Ulhk’acho means “big bounteous place”, a place with bountiful fish, game, and other resources. It is based on the root k’a “fat.”
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Province: British Columbia
Geographic Region:
Aboriginal Status:
Tribal Affiliation: Dakelh

Political Organizations: Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council


The figures following each reserve name are its area, in hectares.

  • Ulkatcho Indian Reserve No. 1 1 ha.
  • Squinas Inian Reserve No. 2 400 ha.
  • Thomas Squinas Ranch Indian Reserve No. 2A 248.5 ha.
  • Towdystan Lake Indian Reserve No. 3 258.2 ha.
  • Abuntlet Lake Indian Reserve No. 4 129.5 ha.
  • Ulkatcho Indian Reserve No. 5 129.6 ha.
  • Uklatcho Indian Reserve No. 6 129.5 ha.
  • Salmon River Indian Reserve Meadow No. 7 96.3 ha.
  • Cahoose Indian Reserve No. 8 259 ha.
  • Cahoose Indian Reserve No. 10 198.7 ha.
  • Blackwater Meadow Indian Reserve No. 11 57.5 ha.
  • Cahoose Indian Reserve No. 12 64.8 ha.
  • Ulkatcho Indian Reserve No. 13 194 ha.
  • Louis Squinas Ranch Indian Reserve No. 14 356.3 ha.
  • Ulkatcho Indian Reserve No. 14A 256.6 ha.
  • Casimiel Meadows Indian Reserve No. 15A 64.8 ha.
  • Amy Cahoose Meadow Indian Reserve No. 16 129.5 ha.
  • Tilgatko Indian Reserve No. 17 62.7 ha.
  • Betty Creek Indian Reserve No. 18 129.5 ha.
  • Willow Meadow Indian Reserve No. 9 59.5 ha.
  • Fishtrap Indian Reserve No. 19 20.2 ha.



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People of Note:

  • Carey Price, hockey player (Son of former Chief Lynda Price)
  • Jimmy Stilas, former chief whose death was one of the incidents leading to the Cariboo-Chilcotin Justice Inquiry.


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