Wabun Tribal Council


Wabun Tribal Council serves the six First Nations located in the eastern portion of the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation in north eastern Ontario.

The Wabun Tribal Council is community driven and receives its direction from and is accountable to the Chiefs of Wabun’s six First Nation communities, who make up the organization’s Board of Directors.

Member nations are:

Wabun represents its member First Nation at various forums at local and regional levels that range from police services boards to Aboriginal financial institutions. The Council also represents the communities interests in dealings with municipal, provincial and federal government programs and initiatives, such as land use planning, Local Health Integration Networks and other issues as directed by the Chiefs of the communities.

Wabun Tribal Council assists its First Nation communities with negotiations and political advocacy.  The tribal council regularly meets with Chiefs and community representatives through the Wabun Chiefs meetings.

The Wabun Scholarship is raised annually through sponsorship of the Annual Wabun Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament. Several scholarship amounts are awarded every year.

All Wabun Education Counsellors are urged to encourage their students to apply for these scholarships. Any Wabun First Nation student can apply for the scholarship as long as they are enrolled in a secondary or post secondary school.

The applicant must submit a description about his or herself and also indicate why he or she deserves a scholarship. The applicant must also send a proof of academic performance or a recent transcript.

Applicant information can be sent to:

Shawn Batise, Executive Director
Wabun Tribal Council
313 Railway Street
Timmins, Ontario P4N 2P4

Wabun Tribal Council Website