Peace and Friendship

Treaties of Peace and Neutrality (1701-1760)

As the British and the French struggled for control of North America, they transformed their respective commercial partnerships with First Nations into vital military alliances that brought much needed support to both camps and in some cases concluded the earliest treaties such as the 1701 Albany Deed.

At the end of the Seven Years’ War, the British military commanders concluded two treaties in 1760: the Treaty of Swegatchy, with the main group of Aboriginal French allies, and the Huron-British Treaty, with the Huron-Wendat of Lorette.

These two treaties marked a period of neutrality for France's former Aboriginal allies in exchange for continued access to traditional territories for the Algonquins, the protection of First Nation village sites, the right to trade with the British and the protection of traditional practices for the Huron.

Peace and Friendship Treaties (1725-1779)

Between 1725 and 1779, the British authorities in Nova Scotia undertook the signing of a series of treaties with the Mi'kmaq and Maliseet peoples of the Maritimes. Allies of France in Acadia for over a century, the Mi'kmaq and Maliseet were often called to arms and defended themselves against British military and colonists during the numerous conflicts between France and Great Britain.

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Role of the Peace and Friendship Treaties (1725-1779)

The Peace and Friendship treaties concluded in this period all followed a similar pattern. Their terms simply re-established peace and commercial relations. In these treaties, Aboriginal peoples did not surrender rights to land or resources.

Transcript of Treaty of 1725 for Ratification at Annapolis Royal [Treaty no. 239]

Articles of Submission & Agreements made at Boston in New England by Sanguaarum alias Loron, Arexus Francois Xavier and Meganumbe Delegates from Penobscott Naudgevaek S. Johns Cape Sables and Other Tribes Inhabiting within His Majesties Territories of Nova Scotia and New England

Transcript of Treaty of Peace and Friendship 1760

Treaty of Peace and Friendship concluded by Esq. Govr and Comr. in Chief in and over his Majesty’s Province of Nova Scotia or Accadia with Paul Laurent chief of the LaHave tribe of Indians at Halifax in the Province of N.S. or Acadia.

Transcript of Treaty or Articles of Peace and Friendship Renewed 1752
Treaties of Peace and Neutrality (1701-1760)